M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science

Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center (PACRC)

The Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center is a research and education facility, with a mission in supporting research and education in coastal studies, aquaculture, and marine projects.

The Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resources Center's mission is to advance long-term sustainable use and conservation of coastal areas worldwide through aquaculture and resource management. The Center promotes excellence and innovation in interdisciplinary scientific research, public policy initiatives, outreach activities, and education.

The PACRC provides:

  • research space for students and faculty
  • filtered sea water for experiments, projects, and classes
  • Salt, brackish, or freshwater aquaculture systems
  • a water quality laboratory
  • a pathology laboratory
  • quarantine facilities
  • a freshwater fish hatchery
  • a operation oyster hatchery

PACRC facilities aerial photoThe Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center is located in Keaukaha, Hilo

Growth and holding facilities for aquatic projects are also available. Current projects include a student run oyster hatchery, studies on a variety of native Hawaiian fish, a Marine Science wave radar project, and water quality analyses of waters around Hilo, Hawaiʻi. The Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resources Center has an array of ongoing projects worldwide. The Center is currently involved with aquaculture and coastal resource management work in the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. Current partners include: UH SeaGrant, Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health, Paepae o Heeia Fishpond, Kualoa Ranch, and UH Mānoa.

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