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Annual TCBES Research Symposium Program

10th Annual TCBES Research Symposium Program

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Thursday, April 5th 2018

Time Morning Event
9am-9:30am Opening Remarks
9:30am-10:30am Keynote Speaker: Chad Wiggins, The Nature Conservancy
10:30am-10:45am Questions

1st Session: 5min talks

Time Speaker Title
10:45am Gina McGuire, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Australia's Traditional Dugong Population Management: Implications for Modern Conservation Practice
10:50am Ashley Pugh, UHH TCBES Graduate Student The Hawaiian Blue Octocoral, Sarcothelia edmondsoni, as a pollution indicator species
10:55am Eirlys Tysall, UHH TCBES Undergraduate Student Individual vocalization variation and repertoire size of the endemic Hawaiian thrush ‘oma‘o (Myadestes obscurus)
11:00am Karen Gallardo Cruz, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Examining the effect of helicopter noise on bird assemblages in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park
11:05am Erin Netoskie, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Behavioral landscape of ʻŌmaʻo (Myadestes obscurus) vocalizations in a naturally fragmented landscape
11:10am Kristina Montoya-Aiona, UHH TCBES Graduate Student A revised dichotomous key for adventive bees in Hawai‘i with special focus on a recent invader: Megachile policaris (Megachilidae)
11:15am Angalee Kirby, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Is biological nitrogen fixation strategy tied to invasive success for non-native woody legumes in Hawai‘i?
11:20am Joanna Norton, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Is albizia compost a climate-smart alternative to fertilizer use in agriculture?

2nd Session: 15 min talks

Time Speaker Title
11:45am Geneviève Blanchet, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Genomic diversity in the “extinct in the wild” Hawaiian Crow, ‘alalā, (Corvus hawaiiensis)
12:00pm Kathryn van Dyk, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Important plants for Nectarivorous Birds in a Continuous and Naturally Fragmented Forest on Hawai‘i Island
12:15 Jeff Stallman, UHH TCBES Graduate Student DNA barcodes fail to accurately differentiate species within Hawaiian plant lineages

12:30pm-1:45pm Lunch Break

3rd Session: 15 min talks

Time Speaker Titles
1:45pm Cherie Kauahi, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Hydrology of Loko Iʻa
2:00pm Tyler Gerken, UHH Undergraduate Student Soil sources of Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), and fecal indicator bacteria concentrations in a Hawaiian watershed
2:15pm Justyne Shope, UHH Undergraduate Student Phosphate fluxes to the water column from sediments at five marine locations of Hilo, Hawai‘i, USA
2:30pm Julia M. Stewart, UHH Undergraduate Student Assessing the photochemistry of healthy and diseased Porites lobata coral tissue in Hilo, East Hawai‘i Island
2:45pm Roseanna Lee, UHH Undergraduate Student Changes in obligate coral-feeding reef fish populations after mass coral bleaching at Lisianski Island, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
3:00pm Anna Baker Mikkelsen, UHH Undergraduate Student Tracking long-term shifts in Hawaiian reef fish assemblages: A 17-years view
3:15pm Rebecca Ostertag, Ryan Perroy, Timothy Sullivan & Jonathan Price, UHH Faculty Invasive Species on UH Hilo Campus: The Problem and Potential Solutions
3:30pm Andy Cole, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Modeling plant species densities in Hawai‘i
3:45pm-4:00pm Closing Remarks

Poster Session & Pau Hana Reception

Time Poster Author Title
David Arakawa, UHH Undergraduate Student Genetic underpinnings of beak morphology in birds
Tyler Jo Branco-Hedke, Tiana Enos-Dano, Ericka Terra Reff, Rebecca Alameida & Stan T. Nakanishi, UHH Antibacterial efficacy of Hawaiian plants
Jesse Leavitt, UHH Undergraduate Student No evidence for horizontal transinfection of Wolbachia from Aedes albopictus to Culex quinquefasciatus following a lab-based feeding trial
Rebekah Loving, UHH Undergraduate Student Investigating the effects of rare variants in concurrent drug usage: An association analysis approach
Michael Ryan Morrissey, Tyler Jo Branco-Hedke, Tiana Enos- Dano, Matthew S. Geddis & Stan T. Nakanishi, UHH Elucidating the effects of native Hawaiian plants on planarian regeneration
Michael Pamatat, UHH Undergraduate Student Investigating the variance of a PCA analogue for phylogenetic trees
Nikola Rodriguez, UHH Undergraduate Student Quantitative and qualitative assessment of underwater video annotations
Ashley Romero, UHH Undergraduate Student Developing a framework for functional ecology to be used to predict extinction risk in Hawaiian forest birds
Julia M. Stewart, Roseanna Lee, Matthew Connelly, UHH Undergraduate Student The Marine Option Program’s SeaSTARS
Jessica Talbot, UHH Undergraduate Student Investigating the effects of freshwater input on coral community composition and 3D structure at Honokoa, Hawai‘i
Veronica White, UHH Undergraduate Student Investigation of phosphorus levels in Hawai'i island coastal waters and agricultural soil

Friday, April 6th 2018

Time Morning Event
8:30am-9:00am Opening Remarks
9:00am-10:00am Keynote Speaker:Roxane Stewart, Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo
10:00am-10:15am Questions

4th Session: 5min talks

Time Speaker Title
10:15am Devon Aguiar, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Detection and impact of sewage pollution on a south Kohala coral reef
10:20am Eszter Collier, UHH TCBES Graduate Student From the sky above to the dirt under your feet: Mapping biological soil crusts in the Pelekane bay watershed
10:25am Jeremy Schrader, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Alalā 'Ohana: using genomic methods to estimate relatedness and its effects on fitness in the endangered Hawaiian Crow
10:30am Bret Nainoa Mossman, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Movement Diet and Survival of ʻŌmaʻo in the Kīpuka System
10:35am Koa Matsuoka, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Evaluating the Seed Dispersal Efficacy of Hawaiʻi’s Last Functionally Extant Frugivore
10:40am Jared Nishimoto, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Developing an underdominant gene drive in Culex quinquefasciatus

5th Session: 15 min talks

Time Speaker Title
11:00am Kamala Anthony, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Understanding relationships of primary productivity among three Hawaiian fishponds at Honohononui and Waiuli, Hawaii
11:15am Julia M. Stewart, UHH Undergraduate Student (Co-authors: Martin Helmkampf & Misaki Takabayashi, UHH Faculty) Coral immunity: characterization and phylogenetic analysis of Toll-like receptor genes in Montipora capitata
11:30am Jazmine Panelo, UHH Technician Spatial distribution and sources of land-based nutrients at coral reefs in South Kohala
11:45am Brandie Colwell, UHH Undergraduate Student Forensic Files: DNA sequencing of Ruppia maritima in Hawai‘i

12:00pm-1:45pm Lunch Break

6th Session:15 min talks

Time Speaker Title
1:45pm Corinna Anne Pinzari, UHH TCBES Graduate Genetic variation, population structure, and morphology of an endemic bat, Lasiurus cinereus semotus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) across the Hawaiian Islands
2:00pm Madhvi Venkatraman, Graduate Student, University of Maryland, College Park Understanding rapid adaptation to elevation post species introduction in the Japanese white-eye (Zosterops japonicus)
2:15pm Maya Munstermann, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Ecological selectivity of extinction risk in terrestrial vertebrates
2:30pm Rebekah Loving, UHH Undergraduate Student Automating weed detection from sUAS-derived imagery with machine learning, using convolutional neural networks
2:45pm Rose Hart, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Quantifying shoreline change at three unique coastal geomorphologies on Hawai‘i Island
3:00pm Dominique Zarders, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Mechanisms of the possible host shift of Teleonemia scrupulosa between Lantana camara and Myoporum stellatum
3:15pm Shea Uehana, UHH TCBES Graduate Student Further investigation into the dendrochronological potential of Sophora chrysophylla on Mauna Kea, Hawai‘i
3:30pm Judge Deliberation
4:00-4:30pm Student Award Winners Announcement
Silent Auction, Raffle Winners
Closing Remarks