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Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science - M.S. Program

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Moana Ulu Ching

Weekly Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
Jan-22 Richard Masse Conservation of Hawaiian Reef Fishes Through Aquaculture: Determining Factors that Influence the Stability of the Sex Ratio and Egg Production of a Broodstock Group of Cirrhilabrus jordani for Commercial Propagation TCBES
Gina McGuire Remote Resource Management- Feasibility Analyses TCBES
Bret Mossman Movement Ecology, Survival, and Diet of the ʻŌmaʻo (Mydestes obscurus): An Ecologically Important Avian Seed Disperser TCBES
Jake Rodrique Organic alternative agriculture TCBES
Jeremy Schrader ʻAlalā Ohana: Using genomic methods to estimate relatedness and its effects on fitness in the endangered Hawaiian Crow TCBES
Katie Strong Creating an infrared spectroscopy multidimensional scores map to identify plastic polymer types on Hawaiʻi Island beaches TCBES
Jan-29 Ricky Tabandera Assessing the functional equivalency of a Hawaiian fishpond complex relative to natural estuaries for nearshore fisheries TCBES
Eszter Collier Remote sensing of biological soil crusts in the Pelekane bay watershed TCBES
Erin Netoskie Cultural evolution of ʻIʻiwi (Drepanis coccinea) song diversity in a naturally fragmented landscape TCBES
Devon Aguiar Sewage pollution source tracking on south Kohala reefs TCBES
Marty Kawasaki Radio transmitter observations of the Hawaiian stilt (Himantopus mexicanus knudseni) changes in behavior during increased storm and tidal events on Oʻahu TCBES
Maya Munstermann Ecological selectivity of extinction risk in terrestrial vertebrates TCBES
Feb-5 Karen Gallardo Cruz Examining the effect of helicopter noise on bird assemblages in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park TCBES
Sydney Gamiao Identifying suitable first feed and establishing feeding regime for endemic Hawaiian flame wrasse TCBES
Clifford Kow Assessment of exhibits at Mokupāpapa Discovery Center using K.E.E.S.S. TCBES
Koa Matsuoka Evaluating seed dispersal efficacy of Hawaiʻi’s last avian frugivore TCBES
Jared Nishimoto Developing an underdominant gene drive system in Culex quinquefasciatus TCBES
Ashley Pugh Hawaiian Blue Octocoral, Sarcothelia edmondsoni, as potential pollution indicator species TCBES
Feb-12 Bethany Morrison Natural resource based planning: A glimpse at long range planning in Hawaiʻi County of Hawai‘i
Feb-19 President’s Day (Holiday)
Feb-26 Cheyenne Hiapo Perry Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance: E ho‘ohuli ka lima i lalo, grassroots management Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance
Mar-5 Springer Kaye Pathways to Invasive Species Management Big Island Invasive Species Committee
Mar-12 Steve Kendall Following the Way of the Kolea from the Wilds of Alaska to the Hawaiian Forest: A Journey in Avian Conservation Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge
Mar-19 Elliott Parsons From Wilderness Survival to Wildlife Conservation: reflections on my journey and lessons learned Puʻu Waʻawaʻa Forest Reserve
Mar-26 Prince Kūhīo Day & Spring Break (Holiday)
Apr-2 J.B. Friday Pathways from Ecology to Forestry and Agriculture CTAHR, Extension Forester
Apr-9 Natalie Kurashima My pathway in Mālama ‘Āina: ‘Āina-based graduate research & Hawaiian resource management Kamehameha Schools
Apr-16 Kehau Springer Navigating TCBES Grad School and Landing MyJob in Community-Based Ocean Stewardship Conservation International
Apr-23 Scott Laursen UH Hilo Manager Climate Corps: Collaborative Action Through Change Pacific Island Climate Adaptation Science Center, UHH
Apr-30 Moana “Ulu” Ching Community-based conservation: Bottom-up approaches to resource management at Conservation International Hawaiʻi Conservation International

All are welcome!

Past Seminars

Scott Laursen Kehau Springer Natalie Kurashima J.B. Friday Elliott Parson Steve Kendall Springer Kaye Cheyenne Hiapo Perry Bethany Morrison 2017 TCBES Cohort 2017 TCBES Cohort 2017 TCBES Cohort Evan Rehm Stephanie Yelenik Wiggins

Details of past seminars can be found in our Archived Seminars section