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Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science - M.S. Program

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Weekly Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title Email Address Affiliation
22-Jan Richard Masse Conservation of Hawaiian Reef Fishes Through Aquaculture: Determining Factors that Influence the Stability of the Sex Ratio and Egg Production of a Broodstock Group of Cirrhilabrus jordani for Commercial Propagation TCBES
Gina McGuire Remote Resource Management- Feasibility Analyses TCBES
Bret Mossman Movement Ecology, Survival, and Diet of the ʻŌmaʻo (Mydestes obscurus): An Ecologically Important Avian Seed Disperser TCBES
Jake Rodrique Organic Alternative Agriculture TCBES
Jeremy Schrader ╩╗Alal─ü Ohana: Using genomic methods to estimate relatedness and its effects on fitness in the endangered Hawaiian Crow TCBES
Katie Strong Creating an infrared spectroscopy multidimensional scores map to identify plastic polymer types on Hawai╩╗i Island beaches TCBES

Past Seminars

Evan Rehm Stephanie Yelenik Wiggins

Details of past seminars can be found in our Archived Seminars section