Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science

Student Cohorts: class pictures

TCBES Faculty

Jason E. Adolf 

Associate Professor & Chair, Marine Science

Phytoplankton ecology, Native Hawaiian fish pond ecology, Gambierdiscus & ciguatera, real time continuous monitoring of the coastal ocean of Hawaii

 Norman Arancon

Associate Professor, CAFNRM

Vermicomposting, composting, soil ecology, organic agriculture, tropical fruit crop production, sustainable agriculture


Jonathan D. Awaya

Associate Professor, Biology

Molecular microbiology, bioremediation, iron-trafficking pathways, secondary metabolite production


Jim Beets
Professor, Marine Science

Marine ecology, fish/fisheries ecology, ecological monitoring

Kathryn Besio

Professor, Geography & Environmental Science

Cultural geography, tourism, nature-society relations


Leng Chee Chang

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Isolation, characterization, and biological evaluation of natural products of marine and microbial origin


Steven Colbert

Associate Professor, Marine Science

Coastal hydrology, carbonate chemistry

Marta de Maintenon

Professor, Marine Science

Phylogeny, biogeography and evolution of gastropod molluscs


Jesse Eiben

Assistant Professor, CAFNRM

Insect taxonomy, insect phylogenetics, population and growth modeling, integrated pest management, survivorship analysis, biodiversity statistics


Armando Garcia-Ortega

Assistant Professor, CAFNRM

Aquaculture of local marine fish species

Joseph Genz

Assistant Professor

Cultural revitalization of voyaging and navigation 

Timothy B. Grabowski

Unit Leader, Hawaii Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

Adjunct Associate Professor, Marine Science

Fish ecology, fisheries management and conservation, fish reproduction and early life history, behavioral ecology, aquatic landscape ecology


Mazen Hamad

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Environmental Analytical Chemistry


Patrick Hart

Associate Director TCBES Graduate Program

Professor & Chair, Biology

Ecology and conservation-Hawaiian forests/forest birds


Maria Haws

Associate Professor, CAFNRM

Director Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resources Center

Extension Specialist, University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant Program

Pearl research, aquaculture, marine invertebrates, coastal zone management, natural resources policy


Kevin Hopkins

Professor, CAFNRM

Aquaculture and fisheries development including their environmental impacts


Susan Jarvi

Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Host-parasite co-evolution, avian disease systems


Marina Karides

Associate Professor, Sociology

Island studies, economic development, and food systems, global and feminist sociology, qualitative research methodologies


Matthew L. Knope

Assistant Professor, Biology

Evolutionary ecology of marine and terrestrial organisms

Yiqing Li

Associate Professor, CAFNRM

Forest soil ecology, carbon sequestration of tropical forests, tropical silviculture and forest ecosystem restoration

Chris Lu,

Professor, CAFNRM

Ruminant nutrition

Steven Lundblad

Associate Professor, Geology

Sedimentary Geology, Geochemistry, Geoarchaeology


Bruce Mathews

Professor & Interim Dean, CAFNRM

Environmental agronomy, nutrient cycling, water quality, grassland management


Sarah Marusek

Associate Professor & Chair, Political Science

Legal geography; legal semiotics; everyday jurisprudence; law and society


William J. Mautz

Professor, Biology

Environmental toxicology, physiological ecology of reptiles and amphibians 

Karla McDermid

Professor, Marine Science

Seaweed/seagrass taxonomy, ecology, biogeography, chemistry;  and herbivory

Jon-Pierre Michaud

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Toxicology, environmental chemistry, pesticides in water and biota, epidemiology of volcanic fog (vog)

 Jene Michaud

Professor, Geology

Hydrology, watersheds, geomorphology, modeling


Peter Mills

Director Heritage Management Graduate Program

Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, historic archaeology


Cam Muir

Associate Professor, Biology

Ecological genetics/conservation genetics, phylogeography, and local adaptation of endemic Hawaiian fauna


Stan T. Nakanishi 

Assistant Professor, Biology

Neuromodulation, lāʻau lapaʻau (medicinal Hawaiian plants)

Rebecca Ostertag

Director TCBES Graduate Program

Professor, Biology

Plant community dynamics, nutrient cycling, restoration of tropical forest ecosystems


Adam Pack

Associate Professor, Psychology and Biology

Marine mammal behavior, humpback whales, dolphin behavior and cognition

Ryan Perroy
Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Science

Exploring land degradation and recovery processes, such as erosion and invasive species, using lidar, remote sensing, X-ray fluorescence, and traditional field methods

Jonathan Price

Associate Professor & Chair, Geography & Environmental Science

Biogeography and landscape/vegetation ecology


Michael Shintaku

Professor, CAFNRM

Plant virology


Shihwu Sung,

Professor, CAFNRM

Applied Environmental Engineering


Jolene Sutton

Assistant Professor, Biology

Molecular ecology, population and conservation genetics, genetic engineering, genetic pest management

Misaki Takabayashi

Professor, Marine Science

Coral reef ecology, coral molecular biology, marine microbial molecular biology

Li Tao

Assistant Professor, Biology

Regulation of cell division using a combination of biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology


Jason Turner
Associate Professor, Marine Science

Marine ecology, trophic dynamics of food webs, biochemical tracers

Tracy Wiegner

Professor, Marine Science

Freshwater and coastal water quality, nutrient and organic matter cycling, microbial processes

Last updated: November 2016