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  Affiliated Faculty

These faculty serve on graduate committees, occasionally teach graduate courses, seminars or workshops, and can co-chair graduate committees with a UHH faculty member.

Dr. Carter Atkinson

Ph.D. University of Florida, Veterinary Parasitology, 1985.


Effects of disease on wildlife populations; epidemiology, pathogenicity, and vector ecology of avian blood parasites; life cycles, development and fine structure of protozoan parasites

George Balazas

M.S. UH Manoa

Zoologist and leader, Marine Turtle Research Program

Dr. Paul Banko

Ph.D. University of Washington, Wildlife Science, 1988.


Terrestrial ecology on islands with emphasis on avian foraging ecology and population restoration

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Basch

Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz

Marine Ecology and Science Advisor, National Park Service

Analysis of natural and human-mediated ecological processes affecting spatial and temporal variation of coastal animal and plant populations and communities.

Dr. Francis L. Benevides Jr.

PhD., Ocean Engineering, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Manager/Engineer/Technician, Federal Aviation Administration

Technical Operations, Hilo, Honolulu, Kona, Maui and Guam

Dr. Charles Birkeland

Ph.D. University of Washington

Unit Leader, Hawaii Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

Dr. Brian Bowen

Ph.D. University of Georgia

Research Provessor, Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology, UH-Manoa

Dr. Henry Carson

Ph.D.University of California, Davis & San Diego State University (Joint Doctoral Progam)

UH Hilo Marine Science, Post-doctoral Scientist

Dr. Frank Chapman

Ph.D. University of California at Davis

Associate Professor University of Florida

Dr. Mattthew Churb

Ph.D. The College of William and Mary

Assistant Professor University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dr. Susan Cordell

Ph.D. University of Hawaii, Manoa, Botany, 1999.

USDA Forest Service, Plant Physiological Ecologist

Ecophysiology, Restoration Ecology, Functional Ecology, Tropical Dry Ecosystems, Grass Invasions, Hawaiian Ecosystems

Dr. Julie Denslow

Ph.D. University of Wisconson, Madison, 1978.

USDA Forest Service, Research Ecologist and Team Leader - Invasive Species Unit

Ecology of invasive exotic species; risk assessment and cost/benefit models for invasive species; population, community, and ecosystem processes associated with disturbances to tropical and warm temperate forests; effects of changing hydrology on nutrient processes and forest dynamics in bottomland hardwood forests of southeastern US.

Dr. Chris Farmer



Linda Shea Flanders

Executive Director, Cape Kumukahi Foundation (retired Southeast Regional Supervosor of Habitat and Restoration Dvision in Alaska Dept of Fish and game)

Dr. Peter Follett

Ph.D. North Carolina State University

USDA, Research Entomologist

Conducting research on insect pests in tropical fruits and vegetables, and postharvest treatments for export. Expertise in irradiation, mango, lychee, longan, rambutan, sweetpotato, and tropical crop IPM.

Dr. David Foote

Ph.D. Ecology, Universityof California at Davis

Research Ecologist

USGS, Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center,

Kilauea Field Station,

Hawaii National Park,

Dr. James Friday

Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dr. Ruth Gates

Ph.D. University of Hawaii, Manoa

HIMB Associate Research Faculty

My overarching interest lies in the biological mechanisms and traits that drive the ability of marine organisms to respond to changes in their environment.

Dr. Grant Gerrish

Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1988.

UH Hilo Biology Department

Plant Ecology, Conservation

Dr. Christian Giardina

Ph.D. University of Denver

Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service

Restoration ecology, Forest repsonses to global change, Forest ecology and management, Forest ecophysiology, and Tree-soil interactions.

William Gilmartin

B.S. Los Angeles State University

Director of Research, Hawaii Wildlife Fund

Dr. Arnold Hara

Ph.D. University of California at Davis, Entomology, 1982.

UH Manoa CTAR - Beaumont Center

Horticultural entomology, post-harvest insect control, regulatory entomology

Dr. David Helweg

Ph.D.University of Hawaii at Manoa, Behavioral Biology, 1993.

Deputy Center Director, USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center


Dr. Steve Hess

Ph.D. Montana State University

Research Wildlife Biologist, USGS BRD

Dr. Darcy Hu


US NPS, Ecologist and Science Advisor

Dr. Flint Hughes

Ph.D.Oregon State University,  Forest Science, 1997.

USDA Forest Service, Research Ecologist

Ecosystem-scale impacts of invasive species and land cover/land use change, fire ecology, carbon and nutrient storage and cycling, primary and secondary forest succession.

David Itano


UH Manoa Research Associate

Dr. James Jacobi

Ph.D University of Hawaii, Manoa, Botanical Sciences, 1990.


Jack Jeffery

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Senior Wildlife Biologist

Dr. Tracy Johnson

Ph.D. North Carolina State University, Entomology, 1995.

USDA Forest Service, Research Entomologist

Biological control of weeds, Insect ecology, Post-release monitoring of biocontrol agents, Non-target impacts of biocontrol, Plant-herbivore-enemy interactions

Dr. Boone Kaufman

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

Director and Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, IPFI Hilo

Ecosystems, community, disturbance, and restoration ecology.

Dr. Les Kaufman

Ph.D. The Johns Hopkins University

Professor of Biology

Boston University Marine Program

Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology

Department of Biology

Dr. Lisa Keith

Ph.D. University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1998.

USDA, Research Plant Pathologist

Biology, ecology and management of bacterial and

fungal diseases of fruit, nut, beverage, vegetable and

ornamental crops grown under tropical or subtropical conditions.

Stacy Kubis

M.S. University of Central Florida

NOAA - JIMAR Marine Turtle Research Biologist

Dr. Dennis Lapointe

Ph.D. UH-Manoa

USGS-BRD, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Ecologist

Dr. Harilaos Lessios

Ph.D. Yale

Staff Biologist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Dr. Gregg Levine

DVM Colorado State University

Attending Veterinarian, Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Dr. Rhonda Loh


National Park Service


Dr. Fred Mackenzie

Ph.D. Lehigh University

Professor Emeritus, Department of Oceanography

Dr. Richard MacKenzie

Ph.D.University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Invertebrate Zoology, Biogeochemistry minor

USDA Forest Service, Research Ecologist

Ecology of aquatic insects, invertebrates, and nekton in coastal systems; linkages between landscape components of watersheds; food web structure of coastal systems; longitudinal gradients in community structure of detritivore in the Pacific

Dr. Karl Magnacca

Ph.D. Cornell University

Post-doctoral scientist, UH Hilo Biology Department

Dr. Lisa Muehlstein

Ph.D. University of Georgia,

UH Hilo Biology and Marine Science Department

Marine Microbiology, Botany & Seagrass Ecology.

Kate Nishijima


USDA, Plant Pathologist


Dr. Robert Nishimoto


Division of Aquatic Resources, DLNR


Dr. Thane Pratt

Ph.D. Rutgers University, Ecology, 1983.

USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research, Center Project Leader


Dr. William Pitt


USDA, National Wildlife Research Center


Dr. Richard Pyle

Ph.D. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Zoology

Associate Zoologist, Database Coordinator, Bishop Museum

Evolutionary biology of marine fishes, with particular emphasis on systematics, biogeography, hybridization, and mimicry. Exploration of deep coral reefs using advanced diving technology. Design and development of computer databases for biological data.

Dr. Michelle Reynolds

Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University, Conservation Biology, 2002.



Mike Robinson

M.A. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Property Management Agent, Hawaiian Homelands

David Schofield

M.S. University of Maryland

NOAA - Marine Mammal Response Network Coordinator

Dr. Craig Severance

Ph.D. University of Oregon

Retired UHH Faculty in Anthropology and TCBES

Dr. David Shively

Ph.D. Oregon State University

Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Montana

Robert P. Smith  

M.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Dr. Michael Steinberg

Ph.D. Louisiana State University, Geography, 1999.

Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies

Dr. Robert Toonen

Ph.D. University of California Davis

HIMB UH-Manoa, Assistant Research Prof.

Dr. William Walsh

PhD. University of Hawai`i at Manoa,

Division of Aquatic Resources, DLNR

Behavioral biology of coral reef fishes

Dr. Debbie Weeks

Ph.D. University of California at Santa Cruz, Chemistry, 2002.

Assistant Professor Chemistry

Biogeochemistry, Contaminant Cycling, Environmental Chemistry

Sharon Ziegler-Chong

M.S. University of South Carolina, Biology, 1991.

Associate Director, Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center (PACRC); Coordinator, Hawaii Cooperative Studies Unit (USGS-BRD)

Experiential education, environmental internships, Pacific Islands

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited. ~Plutarch


Donald Price

Director TCBES Graduate Program

Professor, Biology

Ph.D., University of Illinoise, Urbana-Chamapaign,

Ecology, Ethology and Evolution.

Evolutionary and conservation genetics, behavioral ecology and genetics and speciation and local adaptation in insects and birds.

Jason E. Adolf
Assistant Professor, Marine Science
Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park
Coastal phytoplankton ecology, real-time continuous monitoring

Norman Arancon
Assistant Professor, CAFNRM

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Assistant Professor of Horticulture Crop and Environmental Science

Jonathan D. Awaya

Ph.D. University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, 2005.
Assistant Professor, Biology

Molecular microbiology, bioremediation, iron-trafficking pathways, secondary metabolite production

Jim Beets

Ph.D. University of Georgia, Zoology, 1990.

Associate Professor, Marine Science

Marine ecology, fish/fisheries ecology, ecological monitoring

Kathryn Besio

Ph.D. University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Gegoraphy, 2001

Associate Profesoor, Geography

Cultural geography, tourism, nature-society relations

Daniel Brown

Ph.D. Cornell Unviersity, Anthropology,1978.
Professor, Anthropology; Interim Vice Chancellor for Research.

Human environmental physiology, stress, health risk, Pacific population emphasis

Lee Chee Chang
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago, Natural Products Chemistry, 1998.

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy

Isolation, characterization, and biological evaluation of natural products of marine and microbial origin

Steven Colbert
Ph.D. University of Southern California, Geological Sciences 2004.
Assistant Professor Marine Science
Coastal hydrogeology, nutrient and element cycling in the subterranean estuary

Abby Cuttriss
Ph.D. Australian University, 2006

Assistant Professor, Biology

Plant molecular biology, development, environmental stress and pigments

Marta deMaintenon

Ph.D. UC Berkeley, Intergrative Biology, 1996.

Associate Professor & Chair, Marine Science;

Affiliate Graduate Faculty of EECB (UH-Manoa)
Phylogeny, biogeography and evolution of gastropod molluscs

Patrick Hart (

Ph.D. University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa,   Zoology & Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, 2000.

Assistant Professor, Biology

Ecology and conservation-Hawaiian forests/forest birds

Maria Haws

Ph.D. Texas A&M Univ., Wildlife &Fisheries Sciences, 1993.
Associate Professor, CAFNRM

Extension Specialist, University of Hawai’I Sea Grant Program;

Pearl research, aquaculture, marine invertebrates, coastal zone management, natural resources policy, international economic development

Kevin Hopkins

Ph.D. Auburn University, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures, 1979.

Professor, Aquaculture, CAFNRM; Interim Director of the Pacific Aquaculture and fisheries development including their environmental impacts

Susan Jarvi

Ph.D. Northern Illinois University, Biological Sciences, 1989.

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Host-parasite co-evolution, avian disease systems

Earnest Kho

Ph.D. UC-Santa Cruz, Organic Chemistry, 1978.

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Marine natural products chemistry, isolation and characterization of organic molecules from marine organisms

Yiqing Li

Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico, 1999.

Assistant Professor, Forestry

Forest soil ecology, carbon sequestration of tropical forests, tropical silviculture and forest ecosystem restoration

Bruce Mathews

Ph.D. University of Florida, Agronomy and Soils, 1992.

Professor, Soil Science & Agronomy

Environmental agronomy, nutrient cycling, water quality, grassland management

William J. Mautz

Ph.D. Cornell Univ., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1979.
Professor & Chair, Biology

Environmental toxicology, physiological ecology of reptiles and amphibians

Fiona McCormack

Ph.D. University of Auckland, 2006.

Assistant Professor, Anthropology Fisheries (indigenous; traditional management tools; regulations; property rights)

Karla McDermid

Ph. D. University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Botanical Sciences, 1988.

Professor, Marine Science Seaweed/seagrass taxonomy, ecology, biogeography and chemical composition, marine education

Jon-Pierre Michaud

Ph.D. University of Arizona, Toxicology & Pharmacology, 1994.

Associate Professor & Chair, Chemistry Toxicology

environmental chemistry, pesticides in water and biota, epidemiology of volcanic fog (vog)  

Jene Michaud

Ph.D. University of Arizona, Hydrology, 1992.

Associate Professor, Geology Hydrology, watersheds, geomorphology, modeling

Peter Mills

Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, 1996.

Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, historic archaeology, lithics

Cam Muir

Ph.D. Simon Fraser University, 1998.

Associate Professor, Biology Ecological genetics/conservation genetics, phylogeography,

and local adaptation of endemic Hawaiian fauna

Rebecca Ostertag

Ph.D. University of Florida, Botany, 1998.

Associate Professor, Biology (UH-Hilo);

Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology (UH-Mānoa) Structure and nutrient dynamics of tropical forest ecosystems

Adam Pack

Ph.D. University of Hawa‘ii at Mānoa, Human and Animal Cognition: Marine Mammal Science, 1994.

Assistant Professor, Psychology and Biology. Marine mammal behavior, humpback whales, dolphin behavior and cognition

Brian A. Perry

Ph.D. Harvard University, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, 2006.

Assistant Professor, Biology Fungal evolution, systematics and taxonomy, phylogeography, conservation biology

Jonathan Price

Ph.D. University of California at Davis, Geography, 2002.

Assistant Professor of Geography

Biogeography and landscape/vegetation ecology

Michael Shintaku

Ph.D. Cornell University, Plant Pathology, 1991.

Associate Professor, Plant Pathology Plant virology

Elizabeth Stacy

Ph.D. Boston University, Ecology, Behavior & Evolution, 2001.

Assistant Professor, Biology

Plant population biology, evolutionary genetics, and speciation

Misaki Takabayashi

Ph.D. University of Queensland, Centre for Marine Studies, 2000.

Assistant Professor, Marine Science

Coral reef ecology, coral molecular biology, marine microbial molecular biology

Jason Turner

Ph.D. Texas A&M University, Wildlife and Fisheries, 2004.

Assistant Professor, Marine Science Marine ecology, trophic dynamics of food webs, biochemical tracers

Tracy Wiegner

Ph.D. Rutgers University, Oceanography, 2002.

Associate Professor, Marine Science

Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling in freshwater and marine environments