M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science

TCBES Faculty

Julie A. L. Adrian

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7710, Email, Website

Specialty: Veterinary Medicine

Research Interests: complicated grief, post traumatic stress disorder and pharmacological therapy in humans’ response to the death of pets and animals; the nutritional benefits and detriments of guava, Psidium guajava, tree parts as a livestock feed source; and instructional design and assessment. Adrian is involved in One Health through the DOH and the HPHA; CDC One Health Campaign – Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and Opioid Crisis Program.

Courses: Complementary Medicine, Pharmacy Communication & Culture, Pharmacogenomics, Zoonotic Diseases, Overview of Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Pharmacology, Basic & Applied Toxicology, Integrated Therapeutics III, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience VII, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience VIII, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience - Elective I, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience - Elective II

Norman Q. Arancon

Professor, Horticulture

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7030, Email, Website

Specialization: Crop and environmental science.

Jonathan “Jon” Awaya

Chair & Professor, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7180, Email

Research: Elemental cycling and secondary metabolite biosynthesis in environmental microbes.
Courses: Fundamentals of Microbiology, Biology of Microorganisms, Intro to Cell & Molecular
Office Hours: SP20 T/TH 10:45am-noon or by appt.

Celia T. Bardwell-Jones

Professor, Philosophy; Gender and Women's Studies Program

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7230, Email

Research interests: Feminist Philosophy, American Philosophy, Philosophy of Race and Cultural Diversity

Teaching: Metaphysics, Theories of Knowledge, Philosophy of Nature, Science, Technology and Society, Ethics

Office Hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays - 8:50am-9:50am in K229. I am also available for appointment.

James “Jim” P. Beets

Professor, Marine Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7600, Email

Kathryn J. Besio

Professor, Geography and Environmental Sciences

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7253, Email

Courses: Geography and Contemporary Society; Cultural Geography; Food and Societies; Gender, Place and Environment.
Research: Tourism geography, qualitative research methods, research ethics, home gardens and local foods.

John H. R. Burns

Assistant Professor, Marine Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7595, Email, Website

Research: coral biology, coral reef ecology, coral epizootiology, quantitative ecology, 3D modeling, data visualization

Courses: Oceanography, TCBES Core Courses, Data Visualization

Lisa Canale

Program Coordinator, Professional Internship Track

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7571, Email, Website

Leng Chee Chang

Associate Professor

Contact: Tel: (808) 981-8018, Email, Website

Steven “Steve” Colbert

Chair & Associate Professor, Marine Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7596, Email

Marta deMaintenon

Professor, Marine Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7591, Email

I am a marine invertebrate zoologist. My research is mostly on marine snails, with an interest in anatomy, ecology, systematics and taxonomy.

Armando García-Ortega

Associate Professor, Aquaculture

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7031, Email, Website

Specialization: Aquaculture, Fish Nutrition & Feeding, Land-based Production of Marine Fish and Seaweeds

Joseph H. Genz

Associate Professor, Anthropology; Coordinator, Pacific Island Studies Certificate, PISC

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7267, Email, Website

Courses: Cultural Anthropology, Cultures of Oceania, Change in The Pacific

Research: Understanding and helping to ease tensions that have arisen between recent Micronesian migrants and other communities in Hawaiʻi. Cultural revival of voyaging and navigation in the Marshall Islands.

Timothy B. Grabowski

Unit Leader, U.S. Geological Survey-Hawaii Cooperative Fishery Research Unit; Adjunct Associate Professor

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7575, Email, Website

Research: fish behaviorial and physiological ecology, fish reproduction and early life history, aquatic landscape ecology, fisheries management and conservation.
Courses: Fisheries Ecology, TCBES Core Courses

Jenni K. Guillen

Instructor, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7514, Email

Fall 2016 Office hours: Thursdays 12:30-1:45 and by appointment

Research: Biomarkers in cancer cell lines.
Courses: General Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biostatistics, Immunology.

Mazen L. Hamad

Professor, Chemistry

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7198, Email

Primary Discipline: Analytical Chemistry.
Research: Pharmaceutical systems.
Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Washington.

Patrick J. Hart

Professor, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7182, Email, Website

Research: Ecology and conservation of Hawaiian forests and forest birds.
Courses: Biostatistics, General Ecology, Avian Biology, Field Ornithology.

Maria C. Haws

Professor, Aquaculture

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7870, Email

Specialization: Aquaculture, coastal management, climate change adaptation.

Sukhwa Hong

Assistant Professor, Data Science & Business Administration

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7546, Email

Office Hours:
Monday & Wednesday

Kevin D. Hopkins

Professor, Aquaculture

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7033, Email, Website

Specialization: General agriculture.

Susan “Sue” Jarvi


Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7740, Email, Website

Matthew “Matt” Knope

Assistant Professor

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7715, Email, Website

Research: Evolutionary ecology of marine and terrestrial organisms.
Courses: Biostatistics, Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands, Advanced Tropical Island Ecology and Evolution.

Christopher Knudson

Assistant Professor

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7823, Email

Ingo Koʻomoa-Lange

Assistant Professor

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7362, Email

Yiqing Li

Associate Professor, Tropical Forest Ecology & Management

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7156, Email, Website

Specialization: Tropical forests.

Steven “Steve” P. Lundblad

Professor of Geology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7548, Email

Disciplines: Sedimentary Geology, Geochemistry, Geoarchaeology.
Education: A.B, Geological Sciences, Harvard University 1985; M.S., Geological Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1988; Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1994.

Margary Martin

Associate Professor, Education

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7844, Email

Sarah Marusek

Professor of Public Law

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7129, Email, Website

Legal Geography (POLS/GEOG 325 Legal Geography (3) )
Law and Identity (POLS/WS 327 Law and Identity (3) )
Rights (POLS/PHIL 328 Rights (3) )
Law, Property & Nature (POLS 444 Law, Property, and Nature (3) /CBES 644 Law, Property, and Nature (3) )
Constitutional Law (POLS 321 Constitutional Law (3) )
Intro to Law and Legality (POLS 220 Intro to Law and Legality (3) )

Jurisprudence of the Everyday; Legal Semiotics; Legal Geography

Recent Publication
"Pandemica Panoptica: Biopolitical Management of Viral Spread in the Age of Covid-19"

Bruce W. Mathews

Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management; Professor, Soil Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7036, Email, Website

Specialization: Environmental agronomy.

William J. Mautz

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7511, Email, Website

Research: Environmental physiology, biology of reptiles and amphibians.
Courses: Ecological Physiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Intermediate Cell and Molecular Biology.

Karla J. McDermid Smith

Professor, Marine Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7599, Email

Jon-Pierre “JP” Michaud

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7201, Email

Primary Discipline: Toxicology.
Research: Environmental chemistry.
Education: Ph.D. in Pharmacology, University of Arizona.

Jené Michaud

Chair & Professor, Geology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7552, Email, Website

Disciplines: Hydrology, geomorphology, geology.
Education: B.S., Geoscience, University of Washington; M.S., Hydrology, University of Arizona; Ph.D., Hydrology, University of Arizona.

Peter R. Mills

Professor, Anthropology; Director Heritage Management MA Program

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7268, Email, Website

Courses: Archaeology, Archaeometry, Internship

Research: Non-destructive sourcing of Polynesian stone tools.

Cedric “Cam” C. Muir

Associate Professor, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7500, Email, Website

Research: Agro-ecology, ecological genetics of crop species, food security.
Courses: Introductory Biology, Evolution, Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics.

Stan T. Nakanishi

Associate Professor, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7193, Email

Research: Investigating the neuromodulatory effects of compounds derived from Native Hawaiian plants.
Courses: Genetics, Intermediate Cell and Molecular Biology.

Rebecca “Becky” Ostertag

Professor, Biology; Associate Program Chair, M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7573, Email, Website

Research: Long-term forest dynamics in relation to climate change, nutrient cycling, invasive species, functional traits and restoration ecology.
Courses: General Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biostatistics, Plant Ecology, TCBES Core Courses.

Adam A. Pack

Chair and Professor, Psychology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7082, Email

Research: Marine mammal behavior and mating systems, humpback whales, spinner dolphins, animal cognition.
Courses: Marine Mammal Behavior, Animal Cognition.

Ryan Perroy

Chair and Associate Professor, Geography

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7259, Email, Website

Courses: Remote Sensing, Advanced Geo-Spatial Techniques, Climate Change, Introduction to Geostatistics, Field Methods.
Research: Exploring land degradation and recovery processes, such as erosion and invasive species, using sUAS and remote sensing, X-ray fluorescence, and traditional field methods.

Michael “Mike” Peterson

Chair & Associate Professor, Computer Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7525, Email, Website

Research: Image Processing, Data Science, Visualization, Bioinformatics, and Evolutionary Computation.
Courses: Fundamentals of Data Science in R, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Computer Science I & II, Database Internals, Database Management Systems Design, Database Analytics (Data Mining), Artificial Intelligence, Organization of Programming Languages, Theory of Computing, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Introduction to Image Processing, Board Game Analysis and Design.

Matthew Platz

Professor, Chemistry

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7968, Email, Website

Jonathan Price

Professor, Geography

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7241, Email

Courses: Biogeography, Principles of Landscape Ecology, Senior Thesis.
Research: Utilizing GIS to identify biodiversity hotspots for native bird and plant species, search for rare species, and locate appropriate areas for the restoration of threatened and endangered species.

Shawon S. M. Rahman

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7524, Email, Website

Michael H. Shintaku

Professor, Plant Pathology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7154, Email, Website

Specialization: Plant virology.

Michelle L. Shuey

Instructor, Geography and Environmental Sciences

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7258, Email

Courses: Natural Resources, Interpretation of Geographic Data, Environmental Impact Assessment, Intro Environmental Science, Natural Hazards/Disasters, Geography and the Natural Environment, World Regional Geography, and UNIV 101 Paths to Acad/Lifelong Success (1) .
Research: The relationship between humans and nature, and how people see and create nature as they believe it to exist based on cultural, religious, or societal beliefs.

Shihwu Sung

Professor, Applied Engineering

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7155, Email

Specialization: Environmental Engineering.

Li Tao

Associate Professor, Biology

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7179, Email, Website

Research: Regulation of cell division, with a focus on the use of in vitro biochemistry and in vivo cell biology to understand the mitotic spindle.
Courses: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Fundamental Microbiology.

Jason P. Turner

Associate Professor, Marine Science

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7598, Email

Grady Weyenberg

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7937, Email, Website

Tracy N. Wiegner

Professor, Marine Science, Program Chair, M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology & Environmental Sciences, Faculty Advisor, UHH Analytical Lab

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7594, Email, Website